Gold Rocks

Dubble Bubble

This gum is not soft, but what should I expect from little gold rocks. I’m not sure if the texture of the gum when you first put it in your mouth is by design, or if it’s just cheap gum. I might be disappointed with a really soft gold rock, so I’ll just assume that the lovely people at Dubble Bubble did it on purpose.

Once you manage to soften up this gum and the flavour gets out, its hard gold shell leaves you with a "Juicy Fruit" type flavour. I guess you could call it fruit flavoured, but it falls into a classic food science problem that might throw you off. If the colour of a food doesn't match the flavour, it just seems odd. So, although these are yellow (as gold rocks should be), they don’t taste of any kind of yellow fruit. I guess your only option for a yellow fruit is lemon, so these do no taste like lemon, and that’s a little weird.

All around I have to say that I don't really mind the flavour, and it's cool to pretend that the nuggets are real gold; you can bite them and find out if their real too. Before I started eating them, I hid them all over the apartment and pretended I was a dirty prospector. So, if you come to my house and come across a gold nugget, let it be. This is my claim and I don't want it to be rustled.

Chew Time : 8:55