Gotcha Alien

F&N Magnolia

Sometimes I buy a cool treat because I know it's going to be great, sometimes I buy a cool treat because it's really hot and I think it'll cool you down. Sometimes I buy a cool treat because I know it's going to be a train wreck, but I really want to know how bad a train wreck it might be. I bought this treat because I was expecting it to be a total train wreck. Generally, I find that cool treats that depict characters or faces are often disappointing. I also don't generally like watermelon flavoured candies, and this clearly says that it's pineapple and watermelon flavoured (a strange combination no?). Ad to it a random picture of a bear in a spacesuit, and I figured that this cool treat was going completely for a gimmick, and therefore would likely have nothing of merit at all. I was wrong.

It's not that this is the best cool treat I've ever had in my life, but it was pretty good. The first thing I really liked about this treat is the fact that it lied on the package. There does not appear to be anything watermelon like about this treat at all, pineapple sure. I would say that rather than watermelon and pineapple, this cool treat is more of a pina colada flavour. It also seems to have a hint of coconut which is fairly unique.

The alien face was rather disappointing, as is usual with any cool treat trying to depict a character or a face, but I got over that pretty fast. What blew my mind was the yellow dot on the alien's forehead. I was expecting some kind of alternate flavoured ice cream, or maybe a piece of gum (something I've had a few times on this kind of treat), but what they put instead was a gummy. I wouldn't have thought of putting a gummy on an ice cream treat, and if I did, I would have thought that it wouldn't work, but it did. It pops right off the alien’s head, and instantly warms up to a nice chewy texture. It also has a nice citrus flavour that works well with the pina colada flavour of the rest of the treat.

This is not a high class ice cream treat, but it's creative and fairly tasty. I would certainly recommend you give this a try if you're looking to cool down and enjoy something you've never had before.