Grape Almond Candy

Some lady at a market

This candy is a great example of taste not being able to hold up against other negative elements. This candy is one of the least visually appealing candies that I've ever seen. Sure, the photo on the left looks OK, but that's taken with a lot of staging and doesn't really represent how ugly this treat really is. Even the colour isn't very attractive, it's a kind of gross green and boring brown combination, but looks isn't enough to ruin a treat.

Sure, it looks bad, but what about the texture? This treat can best be described as having the same texture as a thick rubber tube. The only saving grace in the texture is the nut in the middle, but it's not enough to make this treat easy to eat at all. So basically, you have an ugly looking string of chewy rubber like candy, does it score well in taste?

The strange thing about this treat is that it tastes really good. This was not an easy thing to figure out because I had to make it past the texture and look of the candy first. However, this treat has a really nice subtle grape and maybe even vanilla like flavour. The vanilla could be the flavour of the almond coming through, but I'm not sure.

The only reason I would ever recommend this treat to anybody is for the strange experience. It's a lot of work, mentally and physically, to get to a subtle grape flavour. Once your through it though you’re rewarded with a fine flavour.