Normally when I post a review, I don't put up pictures of both sides of the packaging. I decided to make an exception because the back of this package was a must see. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck it says. If anybody knows let me know, even if you're not sure let me know what you think it means. I’ve never been so taken with the writing and art on the back of a candy package before.

Package aside, the candy inside is pretty great. It has a strong grape flavor, and even though it’s kind of a fake flavour, it’s still pretty tasty. It’s also filled with fizzy fun, meaning that the texture really makes your mouth happy in a weird way. The best way to describe this Watapachi is to describe it as candy floss with pop rocks mixed in. The texture is unique and it has a really nice fake grape flavour.

The package for this candy is also a sure winner whatever it is it’s trying to say.


Here's what it says on the back:

In the pink scroll (in the red square "originator/founder" the rest "compendium of things which fizzle"
"honey pie-when you eat it sweetness bursts out!"
"a delightful uekibachi (potted plant) which when it grows, bursts out a plant"
"?????? (there is a dog named Hachi who always waited faithfully at the station for its master. After its master died, it still waited there until it died. Now there is a statue of the dog at the station entrance. "Be careful to not confront the dog yipe yiping (pachi pachi) at the station entrance." A joke.
Next, “bowl of ice" (like snow cone) "symbol of summer, bursting with chill"
"Also enjoy orange flavor."
There is actually a play on words for all of these.
Hachi-part of the word hachiue (potted plant)

I still don’t get it.