C - Asia - Unique

Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows


Taste: 2.5

Texture: 2

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

February 03 2008

I'm often confronted with a little problem when I review treats. See I'm not a super human that loves every single type of food ever. I have things I just don't really like, for example I really hate fat on my meat, I can't get it down, it makes me gag, it's just pretty much a bad scene. When it comes to candy there are even a few things I don't really like as well. For example I'm not a real big fan of marshmallows, unless they're toasted. I can't tell you why, I don't have some strange story about being almost being beaten to death with one or anything, and I just don't like them.

So when I'm confronted with a review like this (this particular treat was sent to me by the folks at GudFud), I don't really know how to go about giving it a fair review. I guess all I can say is "I don't like marshmallow" so that way if it gets a bad review that could be the reason, however if it does well it must be one fine marshmallow treat.

Well I guess we have to go with somewhat bad review because it's pretty much just your average marshmallow. Sure the chocolate inside was pretty good, nothing like fresh Belgian chocolate or anything but it did take away some of the marshmallows yuckyness. The marshmallow itself was pretty fresh and squishy so I guess if that's what you look for in a marshmallow then it'll be great for you.

Basically all I can say is I'm not a big fan, but if you dig marshmallows it could be a fun little treat.