Dubble Bubble

Reviewing gumballs is pretty difficult. The reason I say this is because the gumball is really one of the standards on which I generally base all my other gum reviews. It’s probably the first gum that I’d ever eaten as well. So, to some degree it is the milestone with which I see all other gum.

I guess the main factor in gumballs is that they're full of sugar. They instantly make you salivate like a beast. I also like that sometimes my lips will be covered in gumball-coloured goodness. It's really a good time for all when your mouth is bright red, blue or purple. My favourite thing lately about gumballs is the colours. Basic, simple and really bright - at least that's the case with standard gumballs like these. Occasionally I've found some that try to get creative with their appearance, and to be honest, more often than not it's a disappointment. Having said that, I'm a sucker for the primary and secondary colours.

Speaking of colours, these particular gumballs also have the added bonus of having a different flavour for each colour. This is attention to detail that always puts a smile on my face. Having said that, by the time I've put more than three in my mouth it all kind of combines into that strange, yet tasty, bubble gum flavour.

Chew Time: 7 min