Gummi Carrots


I have to admit that every time I get a strangely themed gummy, I kind of hope the flavour is as strange as the theme. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm kind of hoping that these carrot gummies are actually carrot flavoured. I probably won't actually like the flavour of carrot gummies, but the idea seems really great. I'll be really surprised if these are actually carrot flavoured, and more surprised that any store would sell a carrot flavoured gummy. Assuming these aren't carrot flavoured, I wonder what the better flavour would be? What do you flavour something that looks like a carrot, but (likely) tastes like a fruit? Time to find out.

I see that the folks who make these decided to go for the strange, yet obvious choice, orange. While I see why they did it, because orange coloured candies are orange flavoured, I'm still disappointed in the choice. It's a strange mental connection, carrots are orange, so we should make them orange flavoured. It really plays with your mind if you think about it too much, and as you can tell from reading above, I have.

As for the gummy itself, it's a nice soft gummy. The orange flavour is OK, it's a bit more subtle than some orange flavoured gummies, but I guess that's OK. All around it's a fine tasting gummy, nothing to really brag about but also nothing to complain about either.

I just wish someone would make me a carrot flavoured gummy, just so I can tell for sure that it doesn't work.