Make Your Own Gummy Pizza


Talk about fun, it was like making dinner, and isn't making dinner the most fun thing to do in the world? Well it wasn't that bad, because I didn't have to do any dishes or actually turn on a stove or anything. In fact, this was really fun. It was kind of messy but, in a good way.

Beyond the fact that you get to slop this thing up with all kinds of fun ingredients the cool thing about this treat is that each ingredient added a different flavour. The sauce was a little sour, the cheese was sweet and the gummy toppings where... well they where gummy like. The gummy toppings where also cool because it looked like they put some effort into making realistic shapes, in particular the mushrooms, man I love mushrooms on my pizza. What makes this cool is if you like a little more sour in your candy, you just add more sauce, like it a little sweeter add more cheese. This treat was truly interactive.

The other cool thing was that the crust was soft, I'm a sucker for a soft pizza crust gummy or not. I did get a little messy with this treat, and since I had to write a review so did my keyboard, but it was worth it. They gave me a little spoon thing to serve the slices up but to be honest it didn't really work for me at all, so I ended up just using my hands.

My only warning would be to make sure you have the space to make these pizzas, and a place to clean up afterwards. This is not a road trip snack by any means.