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Weird Gummies


Taste: 1.5

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

August 16 2006

I love a candy where the name is also a description. I can't tell you why, but it just entertains me. Since there are so many types of gummies in this package, I don't think I'll review each candy individually unless I taste or see something really unique about any of them. What I'll do instead is see how much fun I can have with my bag of weird gummies (or as they say in French, "Gummies Bizarres").

The first thing I'm going to do is open all the packages. Why would I do that? Well, I want to make a hideous creature out of all these parts. A horrible, yet fruity-flavoured creature. I must say that the overpackaging is a little excessive. Even beyond the environmental aspect, I just don't need more steps between my gummy creature and me.

I have to say I'm having more fun making gummy creatures than I am eating the parts. They all pretty much taste the same; fruity of some sort. Not that I expected a huge variety, it just would have been a nice surprise.

The parts themselves are ok, except for the fact that both feet were left feet and the fingers just looked like lumps. A whole gummy hand would have been more fun. The eyes were the best-looking treat in the bunch, although they may creep me out for a few days. Either way, here's my gummy creation. I call him Ted.