Cheese Cake


The texture of this treat is really the key to its success. Originally, I thought I would call these treats gummies, but I don't think I can do that. The texture really doesn't fit into the gummy realm in the candy world. Although the cheesecake topping is a little gelatinous, it's not really a gummy. It has more of a marshmallow texture than a gummy texture if I had to place it somewhere.

However, that's not the only texture in this treat. The crust at the bottom is actually a different texture than the filling on top. Much like a real cheesecake the crust is a little bit crunchy, in a way that’s kind of hard to explain. It's not crunchy like a pie crust or anything, it's crunchy kind of like a stale marshmallow. In fact, had the whole treat been this texture I would have assumed it was stale.

The flavour is the most disappointing part of this cheesecake treat. There's little to no difference between each colour and the flavour. I could maybe sense a little bit of a difference but it’s almost impossible to define. Each one of these slices is a little bit tart, which leads me to believe they’re supposed to be lemon, but there's no real citrus flavour that I can detect.

Texture wise these treats are an experience any candy fanatic must try, it may not be to your liking but I assure you it's a different experience worth trying. Flavour wise these really just fall flat and that’s really too bad. There’s so many creative ways you could represent cheese cake in candy form, but these just don’t cut it.