Chupa Chups Jellies

Chupa Chups

If I had one positive thing to say about these gummies, it would be that they're pretty tasty. They're fruity, and chewy, just the way gummies should be. So, does that mean that I'm happy with these gummies? The answer is no. There was one thing about these gummies that really disappointed me, and it all about how they’re marketed.

I'm a big fan of Chupa Chups lollipops; I consider them a ground-breaking company that produced some of the best tasting lollipops I've ever eaten in my whole life. The best feature of Chupa Chups is the huge range of crazy flavours that they have available. I'd never imagined a vanilla flavoured lollipop before Chupa Chups came along, but now it's one of my favorite flavours. Creative and tasty flavours are the cornerstone of why Chupa Chups work, and the main reason that these gummies don't.

The package indicates that you'll be enjoying a bevy of fruit flavoured combinations, based on the fact that the candies on the package are several different colours. In fact, my bag only had two different colour combinations, red and purple, and yellow and purple. To make matters even worse, both of these flavours tasted exactly the same. Sure, they where fruity, but there was no variety at all. I even had trouble figuring out exactly what flavour this was supposed to be, something I can't say I've ever had trouble doing with the Chupa Chups lollipops.

This treat had great potential for being a great gummy snack, but instead the creative people got lazy and produced a very average gummy.