Emoji Gummies

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The great thing about gummies is there are really two ways to score big when you're reviewing them. You can have a great taste and texture, or you can have a really cool concept (i.e. shape and colour). There are rare occasions when a gummy candy will check all of the boxes, but it's not always necessary. These gummies for instance don't really have everything, but what they do have is fun enough for me.

The concept is where these gummies do OK. Emojis are pretty hip right now (the kids still say "hip" right?), and they've even made it into our regular daily language. My mother knows what an emoji is, so it's not just hip, but also somewhat universal. From a communications standpoint (I have a degree in Communications), I think emojis are fascinating because they've become a way to express emotion, without using words. In some ways it plays on the idea of a picture saying 1000 words. Emojis are also a language that crosses all borders and cultures. It doesn't matter what language you speak; a happy face is understood. So, I guess I like these gummies because they make me think, they're also recognized by so many people, even if you don't use a computer. The message is pretty clear and really crosses all language barriers.

So, we've established that they idea of these gummies is fine, but where these gummies fail is in the flavour. They're kind of fruity, and they kind of have individual flavours, but it's really not that strong. The flavours need a serious boost in both quality and strength to be a great gummy candy. I think it would have also helped if they were a little sour as well. A tart fruity gummy is a great thing, and with a fun emoji message it could have been hip and relevant.