Gummy Ice Cream Cone


This gummy represents all that is wrong in the gummy world. I've said this many times before, but I look at gummies as being the most versatile candy medium in the world. You can make a gummy look like just about anything you want, from realistic creepy crawlies, to fun cartoon characters. Flavour wise gummies are a complete open book as well, just about any flavour works with gummies, I argue that you can even get away with a savory gummy (although up until this point no one has tried). Texture might be the most limiting aspect of gummies, but there's still a pretty big range. So why didn't the makers of this gummy go a few steps further to make an epic candy?

Ice cream is a great choice for gummies, it has a great range of flavours, it looks iconic, and it even mixes some interesting textures. To improve this gummy, I think they could start with the look of the candy. Many of my gummy ice creams had more cone colour than ice cream colour. Also, all of the ice cream was the same colour. Why not mix it up? To go with a better colour scheme, why not have a bit of flavour blending as well. These were just a simple fruit flavour (a nondescript fruit flavour at that), I think it would have been cool to give the bottom portion a cone, maybe a vanilla flavour, and on the top maybe add a few different ice cream flavours. Texture wise it would have been neat to have a harder gummy cone, and softer marshmallow like ice cream topper.

This gummy is fairly average, and that's why it's such a disappointment. With the potential gummies have to offer, this should, and could be an epic candy.