Uma Soda Gummy


These are a penny candy or as they call it "Dagashi", from Japan. I just learned the word Dagashi a little while ago and now I'm thrilled to use it whenever I want to appear smarter than I actually am. While I’m happy to use this new word, I’m not really happy about this candy. The first problem I had with this treat came about way before it even entered my mouth. Trying to open these old-style treats from Japan always prove to be a bit of a challenge. Maybe there's some kind of instructions printed on the front that I can't read, but for me the wrapper on the back that you have to peel away always seems to rip, making it really hard to get it open. Also, the gummy itself often sticks to the wrapper making it even more challenging still.

Basically, the gummy did everything in its sticky power to not be removed from its package. I pulled and prodded with all my might and dental power, but all I cold mange to get out was bits of blue sticky goo. Seriously if anybody can read something on this package that might help, I would greatly appreciate it.

The good news in the end was that I could only get a small portion of the treat out of the package. Just enough to know that I pretty much hated the flavour. It had a slight ramune fizzy flavour to it but for the most part it just kind of tasted like soap. A strong sharp soap to be exact. I'd give more details into brands but I had a fairly clean mouth as a kid.

This might be great for all of you candy historians that want to look into Japanese's recent past, but for those of you with taste buds, you might want to pass.