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Les Schtroumpfs





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This bag of gummies was fine. These gummy Schtroumpfs (Smurfs in English), had a wonderful fruity flavour, a nice soft chewy texture, and a great blue colour. The art on the bag is a little disturbing, the Haribo bear throwing little Smurfs to regular sized Smurfs, I assume to eat. The cool part of this treat is the fact that each bag had three different kind of Smurfs in it, a white hatted regular Smurf, a blond Smurfette, and a red hatted Papa Smurf. So why, you might ask, are these Smurfs just fine?

First of all they could have gone with unique flavours for each kind of Smurf, although that sounds strange it would have been nice. They also could have included bonus Smurfberries in each package. Come to think of it, Smurfberries would have probably been far less disturbing to eat. There is one thing that I think would have turned this from a fine Smurf related treat to one of the most clever gummy snacks I'd ever eaten.

What they should have done is only included one Smurfette and one Papa Smurf gummy in each bag. It would have made this treat more accurate to the storyline, and would have been a simple detail that would have really counted. It would have been like the cherry on the sundae, and it would have been a couple of gummies I would have savored even more.

I can't really complain about this bag of gummy treats, I'm just saying it could have been one of the best gummy experiences of my life, and it would have been simple to do.