Gummy Unicorns


There are several things about these gummies that just isn’t working. I understand that unicorns are very trendy today, particularly (and strangely) in the food industry. Just because an idea is trendy, doesn’t mean that you should just put out a candy without giving it much thought or quality though. The first problem with this candy is the shape. Sure, it looks like a unicorn, but only sort of. The misshapen gummies look like some of the most terrifying/sad unicorns I’ve ever seen. The fact that they’re assorted bright colours and all swirly is a plus, but not enough to get over the weird shape.

Flavour wise these have one big flaw, and that’s the strength of the flavour. You really have to think hard to try and get a flavour out of these. For the most part they just taste like stale marshmallows. If you think hard you do get a slight fruity flavour, and the flavour does correspond with the colour (each colour has a different flavour that matches the colour). I was just hoping that the flavour of a unicorn might be something strong and powerful, not weak.

Texture wise these aren’t great. Kind of chewy, more like a gummy/marshmallow hybrid than a pure gummy. They were just a little too chewy for my liking, my teeth didn’t sink in, they had to work a little too hard to chew these up.

You expect a unicorn to be magical, these were just cheap gummies.