Gummy Bunny "Lemon"


These have to be some of the best coloured gummies I've ever seen in my life, and seeing as a good 30% of my life has been in the pursuit of great gummies, that says a lot. The amount of detail in the design of this gummy is pretty impressive. It’s not just a blobby gummy that’s kind of shaped like a bunny. This is a full detailed image of a bunny that’s coloured in and full of amazing detail. It's as if the bunny is telling a little story about how much fun he had painting that pretty egg. Too bad I have to bite his head off to do this review.

I can kind of tell how they managed to get the colour so good. It basically came at the price of the texture. It's not really very gummy at all. I mean, I'd still define it as that, only because I can't think of what else it might be. It's a little bit hard with just a slight gummy feel; the flavour on the other hand is great! Lemony to the extreme, a strange choice for a bunny but I’m happy.

Seeing as how much I like to bite the heads off cute things it made my day. Happy, yup. Lemony, you bet. Gummy, hmmmm.