Fun Gum "Fried Eggs"

Swizzels Matlow

What an odd idea, take something that comes out of a chicken and make it a candy. I both really like and really hate it when candy companies swing for the fences. I understand that fried eggs kind of look like gummies, but that doesn’t mean that you should make gummies that look like fried eggs. Having said that, I kind of like the idea of not really getting why anybody would make this candy in the first place. It’s a mystery that’s developed into an entire story in my head. One that I might even turn into a short story.

The flavor was fine although it also begs a few questions about the candy’s creation. Why go for a fruity flavour and not real egg, having said that, I’m glad I didn’t have to eat an egg flavoured gummy. The texture was a little weird, but that could have been because they were a little old. Maybe if they were fresher, they would be a little softer too.

These gummies to kind of look like a small fried egg, I just wish they came with a side of bacon.