Gummi Nerds


These are truly unique gummies; they have a slightly sour flavor and they're super chewy. You don’t often find gummies that are sour but don’t have that sour powder coating them. Most gummies that are naked are just fruit flavoured. I like that the sour flavour is incorporated into the actual flavouring, and fortunately the flavouring is strong enough that it isn’t hidden behind the sourness. I’m hoping that the hard texture is a feature of these gummies, and that they’re not just really stale from sitting out in the bulk bin where I bought them.

Creatively these are kind of interesting. They’re candies, based on characters that originated from a candy. If you’re looking for anything Nerd like in these candies, you’ll be sadly disappointed. The only similarity is that these guys are shaped like the guys on the traditional Nerds package.

The other thing that puzzles me is the way that they stick together, it's unnatural. It’s made weirder because these are shaped like characters that I remember from my childhood.

I’d like to thank Andy for showing me these things, a treat I'll be sure to buy again in the future.