Gummy Pop Corn


Sour, that's really all I can say about these that's any different than what I'd say about most average gummies. I guess I could also say that I'm really happy they weren't popcorn flavoured, instead they're fruit flavoured, but saying that might be a lie. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have enjoyed the taste of popcorn flavouring in my gummies but at least it would have been something different. I also didn't get a great variety of tastes either, pretty much each colour of gummy popcorn where the same "standard" fruit flavour. I couldn't place it to any particular fruit either.

The package was kind of cool. I'm a big fan of the classic popcorn bags and boxes. I've even gone so far as to buy bags that look like this to enjoy my popcorn at home. I'm pretty sure that's the first thing that made me want these, but I'm pretty sure the possibility that maybe it was popcorn flavoured was part of it too. While these did have a great look, and a slightly original concept, it was just a bag of randomly fruit flavoured gummies.

So pretty much the only two reasons to get this are that the box looks cool and it's pretty sour. If that's enough for you then have a blast.