Gummy Swirls

Surf Sweets

I don't very often review candies for certain gimmicks. I'm not really concerned with organic foods, or my general health for that matter. When it comes to reviewing treats, I just like to focus on how it tastes, and if I enjoyed eating it. I will never fault a treat for being organic, sugar free, or filled with vitamins, but I also will not give them any extra credit either.

Fortunately for the folks at Surf Sweets I don't have to worry, because these little gummy swirls are pretty tasty as well as being made with real organic fruit. Sure, you could say that they're tasty because they're made with real fruit flavours, but I'll say that they're tasty because we all know that surfing bears know their gummies.

I was a little nervous about reviewing these gummies because I was expecting them to be just like every other gummy I've eaten in my life. But these did prove me wrong. The texture was the key to that. It was a little chewier than most gummy treats, but not that hard, break your jaw chewy. It was nice and soft but also tough enough to give my jaw a challenge.

The flavour was ok as well, I particularly liked that it gets a little fruitier the more you chew. Many candies lose flavour as you chew, so it’s nice to have a candy that only gets tastier as you go. The only thing I really didn't like about these was the sourness. It could have been a bit stronger to match the powerful flavour.