Breezers "Cool Berry"


You can pretty much be sure that although I’ve been influenced by packages before when I’ve written reviews; for the most part I ignore details that I may find on them. For example, when I first popped one of these little candies in my mouth, I was surprised at how fruity it tasted. I was surprised because I thought the folks at Halls only made menthol type candies. Then after sucking if for a few seconds a menthol flavour started to creep up. I was then re-surprised because I was convinced that this fruity flavour wasn't going to get cool. Let’s get back to why I'm not great with details on packages, if I had read the name of the flavour on the package "Cool Berry" I probably wouldn't have been so surprised at the fruit flavour that ends of cool.

So, the next question is how well does fruit and menthol work together? The answer is they work fairly well, although it's a pretty strange combination. I may even like this match up, but only because it's strange. I guess what I'm saying is it tastes ok, but I just don't get why someone would want a cool feeling berry. Maybe if you where walking along the street on a hot summer’s day without any shade in sight. Maybe you would feel that if only your mouth felt a little cooler, this day wouldn't feel so hot.

I'm pretty sure this scenario isn't realistic. For me I can eat about a pack of these and then to be honest I don't really have much interest in getting them again.