X - Europe - Unique



Taste: 3

Texture: 3

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

The description of this treat leaves you thinking that you're in for a dessert. "Greek nougat pie with honey & almonds" sounds like a tasty little dessert treat. Unfortunately there might be a bit of a cultural difference in what most North Americans think a nougat pie should be, and what Greek people think a nougat pie should be.

A Greek pita (pita is pie in Greek) is really anything that's layered between two crusts of any kind. If you think about this treat that way, it's not so surprising. Instead of a baked crust, what you get this treat is nougat between two wafer like disks that have the same consistency as communion wafers. Just because this isn't a "pie" by North American standards, doesn’t mean it still could work as a fine snack. The problem is that not only is it a little confusing for some, but they also don't really pull of the strange treat well either.

The first obvious problem is the nougat layer. I would say that the nougat covers about 2/3rds of the surface of the wafer sandwich. This pretty much guarantees that several bites will not have any nougat at all, just dry wafer, yuck. The second problem, that's not so obvious until you bite into nougat, is the lack of almonds. When you do eventually find one, the fact that they use whole almonds works perfectly. However, I think my entire 5-inch pita had maybe 10 full almonds in it.

When the stars align with this treat it works really well. Each bite with all three elements together works beautifully. Unfortunately there were far fewer of these bites than I would have liked. If they worked on the proportion and distribution of the ingredients just a little better this treat would be really nice. But just remember, it’s not a pie as many of you might know pies.