Lay's "Sabor Jamon Presunto"


Just to clear things up a little at the start I should explain the flavour a little. Translated the flavour is “Prosciutto Ham”. If you’re not familiar with Prosciutto ham it’s a Spanish type of gourmet ham that can at times be very costly. I’ve paid 1 Euro (about 1.75) for three small thin slices of it. The ham might not be what you expect when you compare it to hams commonly found in North America. Prosciutto Ham is very smoky and salty, also it’s a lot drying than most hams. Not to insult it or anything but it tastes like a really good beef jerky, a little dry, but full of flavour.

In Spain, it seems that the gimmick is to market anything that can with a Prosciutto flavour, even chips. It makes sense if you ask me, I mean if you have a style of meat that is very flavourful and unique, why not flavour salty snacks with it. I’m sure the tourists buy into it often; I’m mean here I am.

So how do they taste? Well they’re actually really good. I thought I might not like them since I’m not a huge fan of hams, and also because I smelt them and they had a bit of a barbecue chip smell (one of my least favourite flavours of chips). The thing is, I bit into one and I was pleasantly surprised. The flavour is a little like Barbecue chips but much milder and a little more salty/meaty. You also don’t get a really strong aftertaste like you often get with barbecue chips. It’s pretty similar to the ham in that respect, it too is nice and salty but the smoky flavour is subtle.