Hands Off My Chocolate "Melting Milk"

Hands Off

One of my pet peeves is chocolate companies that claim to have "the best chocolate" written on their package. This to me is a really big claim, and more often than not a claim that is not met by the chocolate bar inside the package. This chocolate bar's package is full of claims of greatness, and on this rare occasion, these claims are fairly justified. The chocolate in this bar is pretty good, maybe not the best chocolate I've ever eaten, but it's pretty high up there.

There are two ways to make a milk chocolate bar really great. Either blend it with amazing extra ingredients, like nuts, caramel or nougat, or get high quality cocoa, sugar, and milk, and blend them together. But you can't just blend the cocoa, sugar and milk together, you have to temper it perfectly, and the ratios have to be perfect as well. The chemistry knowledge it takes to design a great chocolate bar is astronomical, and then you have to figure out a way to mass produce it. A great plain milk chocolate bar is really hard to make, but the folks at Hands Off have obviously done their homework. Even the shape of the bar is both unique, and makes the chocolate great. It's like a honeycomb of chocolate circles connected together. Even cooler are all the little words pressed into each circle. Each word is a different way of saying "Mine", it's a lot of fun.

I can't say enough about this bar, it's well worth trying if you're a chocolate fan. The wrapper is a little weird, and not what you'd expect from a high quality chocolate bar, but I kind of like that. I did have a bit of a problem trying to figure out the actual name of this bar because of all the text on the front, so I made an educated guess.