It's Happy Bunny Toasted Marshmallow Egg


Ha-ha, that’s funny, “I’m not spoiled I deserve all my stuff”. I’m not very good at typing sarcasm. The thing that baffles me about this treat is I’m not really sure what the package means by toasted marshmallow. It seems impossible to have a toasted marshmallow because you really need that toasty taste. I’ve had a few treats that have attempted to fake the toasted taste, but it rarely works out. Most of the time the only way to make a marshmallow treat with a real toasted marshmallow flavour is to put it in a fire, and I don’t have one.

This treat is more about the texture of a toasted marshmallow rather than the taste. It pretty much just tastes like marshmallow the un-toasted variety. Actually, it doesn’t even taste like that much either, it barely has any flavour at all. The chocolate is pretty much all I can taste and the marshmallow is more about the texture than anything else. That’s a little disappointing considering they were selling me on a toasted marshmallow, and they haven’t even delivered a marshmallow flavour.

The packaging also doesn’t do a very good job in keeping it from getting crushed either. So pretty much I just ate a crushed sticky marshmallow textured chocolate treat. You could improve this treat by using better quality chocolate and actually having a toasted marshmallow flavour. If they could have pulled that off it would have made me much happier.