There is something about the texture of these Roulettes that just puts a smile on my face. The texture is exactly the same as wine gums, and in the case of this particular package, fresh wine gums. This tube of Roulettes is really chewy, but not hard. To me this is one of the best gummy textures that there is. It takes a bit of work to get through them, but just when your jaw is going to start to ache you get through it. These are enormously satisfying to chew.

If we are to compare, Roulettes are pretty much just wine gums; the difference is in flavour and in the size of each gummy. The flavour is a little more subtle than wine gums, and if memory serves me, these are a little fruitier as well. The other difference is in the size. These are much smaller than the standard wine gum that I'm used to. It's kind of nice; the little roll of circular treats is just the right size to munch without doing any damage to your jaw.

I guess the only fault I have with these treats is their similarity to wine gums. Because of the similarity, I would say that they're not really that creative. Sure, the flavours are a little different, but I would have liked to maybe sample some completely off the wall flavours, or at the very least something with a little more difference.