Hawaiian Host

Hawaiian Host Chocolates

When I look at the box all I can think about is great seascape, tranquil water falls, and exotic hula dancers. Ahh the islands, home of Don Ho, Elvis' best performances, Hawaii Five-O, and apparently producer of great macadamia nut treats. This was actually a bit of a surprise for me, I really had no idea that Hawaii was so well known for their nuts. To tell the truth other than the above mentioned, I really know very little about Hawaii. So, I offer anybody from the local Hawaiian government an opportunity, send me to Hawaii so I can learn about your culture and then better inform the candy junkies of the world of the joys of your great land culture.

I should probably talk about this particular candy, particularly if I want the people of Hawaii to fund a trip for me to visit them. First of all, these chocolates are great, a nice balance of chocolate and macadamia nuts. The chocolate was nice smooth and creamy just like you would hope from a find box of chocolates. The nuts Hawaii-tastic, crunchy and fresh. Fortunately, the ratio of chocolate to nut is perfect. They use large enough macadamia nuts and just the right amount of chocolate so that neither flavour is lost.

This is my first experience with macadamia nuts being the focus of a chocolate treat. The key is really the quality of ingredients here. The chocolate is fine, but the nuts are fantastic, boy I'd love to see where they grow.