A couple of friends suggested I try these cheezies with the idea that they where the best cheezies ever. Now I don't normally eat cheezies so I'm not sure if they are in fact the best ever but I can say that they're pretty good.

The thing I generally don't like about cheezies is their texture, often way too Styrofoam like and really fake feeling in my mouth. These however don't fit that category at all; in fact, these are more like condensed corn chips than anything else. They have a super crunch to them that's really very satisfying to bite. I'm thinking the only reason you may not enjoy these as much as your standard cheezie is if you like to melt the Styrofoam type of cheezie on your tong. I've melted cheezies on my tong, but really, I would rather have the crunch that these have to offer instead.

Flavour wise is where these cheezies both excel and fall a little. The flavour itself is really good. It doesn't taste that fake at all, it's a nice sharp cheese flavour. The problem I have is I really don't know if they're cheesy enough. I had a few with a bit more cheese on them and a few that where lacking. All in all, I think more cheese would improve these just a little bit. Fortunately, a little bit is all the improvement this snack needs.