Hart Beat

Broadway Sweets

It's not often that I'm completely stumped by a candy, but this is one of those times. The candy itself is very simple, it's a hard candy with a soft center, and it's also shaped like a heart. After these basic details this candy completely stumps me. There are two flavours happening in this candy, some kind of mysterious berry, and menthol. The mysterious berry is somewhere between a cherry, strawberry and grape. While this berry flavour is a mystery, it is at least a pleasant mystery. I'd gladly eat a lollipop, popsicle, or even drink a glass of juice of whatever flavour this berry is supposed to be.

The unpleasant part of this mystery comes from the menthol flavour. The menthol flavour doesn't hit you at first, it creeps up after a few seconds of sucking. You start by enjoying this strange berry flavour, then just when your head is making roads towards figuring out what this berry might be, a cool sensation starts to creep up on you. By the time you get to the chewy center your mouth is cool, and your head is wondering why.

The design is simple, the fruit flavour is surprising, and the menthol kind of strange, together this makes this candy very confusing. It's shaped like a heart, for no particular reason. It has a chewy center, maybe because there's fruit involved, but that's not really clear. The cool menthol flavour just adds to the confusion in a way I can't even describe. While most of this candy tastes fine, it just leaves your brain and mouth confused.