Ring Pop Heart "Strawberry Crush"

Bazooka Candy UK

You really can't help but judge this Ring Pop next to its diamond counterpart. That's not to say that this isn't an original idea, but it has many of the same traits that the classic Ring Pop has. On the negative side, the ring portion is still way too small for my hand and barely fits on my pinky finger (that might actually be an improvement since I couldn’t get the regular one to fit on any finger). I can probably assume that's because this treat's main audience is young girls, and my fingers have no resemblance to that of any young girl.

On the positive side of the similarities, the Strawberry flavour of this treat is great. I can't honestly tell you if the strawberry of this Ring Pop is different than the strawberry of the original Ring Pop, but I can tell you that both were pretty good. This is pretty much where the similarities of this treat end in my opinion.

Most people tend to overlook shape as an important part of the candy eating experience, and this is a big mistake. In the case of this treat, the heart shape, actually makes a huge improvement to the ability to enjoy this treat. I find with this Ring Pop, the amount of drool that gets caught in the base of the ring is greatly reduced. I also find that the heart shape is much more pleasing in my mouth.

As an added bonus, the base of the ring is shaped like a heart, so I imagine that it might make some people look kind of cute. I being an adult male, probably look kind of silly.