Hershey's Brownie


Hershey’s pretty much puts their name and finger into anything that has chocolate. I don't know how I feel about that, and I'm sure I'll have a better idea after I finish this brownie. The thing that bothers me sometimes is that often these products aren't particularly creative. Hershey’s is a huge company with people researching candy all of the time. They have a reserve of chocolate larger than anybody else, but all they can do is make basic simple things, things that aren't super creative. I'm probably a little harder on treats like this because unless I really think they're unique, I often wonder where the great wealth of Hershey’s research and development is going.

Once again, I'm slightly disappointed. Sure, it's chewy, and it's kind of chocolaty, but it's pretty dry. It's also so dense that it doesn’t feel like a cake, as much as it feels like a lesser quality fudge. I know that brownies are supposed to be denser than your average cake, but they can be too dense as well.

The chocolate flavour of the cake is also kind of weak. Which is surprising since it has the words “Hershey’s” printed on it. I'm a big fan of super chocolaty brownies and these just don't cut it. It's not that this treat is horrible or anything, I just expect more from one of the largest chocolate companies in the world.