Hershey's "Candy Cane"


This is a little odd. This bar describes itself as “mint candy with candy bits. There is no mention at all of the word “chocolate”, even though it clearly looks like a Hershey bar. This leads me to believe that there is nothing chocolate about this bar at all. This could also be Hershey announcing their take on the “is white chocolate, chocolate” debate.

At first glance I tend to agreed with this not being a chocolate bar, it’s bright white and covered in red specs. The smell is also not very chocolate like, it’s a pretty powerful mint smell. The first bite is a little chocolate like in texture, and even a little chocolate like in the creaminess of the flavour, but that’s about it. The main flavour you’re getting with this bar is peppermint. The texture while a little chocolate like is also filled with strange red crunchy bits of candy. It’s all pretty good, but not only does this bar not really feel like a chocolate bar, it also doesn’t remind me much of a candy cane either.

Visually it’s really missing the colour green. There’s plenty of white and red, yet no green, a crucial colour in candy canes (or any holiday themed candy) if you ask me. The texture is also not very candy cane like. The red specs have more of a hard sprinkle texture than a brittle candy cane texture. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t simply put bits of crushed up candy canes in the white chocolate(?). I can see that they were trying to be creative and take the candy cane chocolate bar to a level beyond just broken bits of candy cane in milk chocolate, but they may have gone too far away from candy canes as well.

Fortunately, it’s an okay bar, it’s just not really what you might expect, particularly if you were expecting chocolate.