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Heavenly Hash Dark Chocolate Egg


Taste: 3

Texture: 1 (without the nuts 3 with the nuts)

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

April 9 2009

There are some snacks that offer me questions before I even take my first bite. Sometimes I don’t even have to taste a treat to get an idea of how this review might go. Sure it’s unfair to judge before I review, but I can’t help it. It’s also not always to the treats disadvantage either, sometimes I get a surprise when I eat it and a surprise in itself will gain any snack extra marks.

So what I want to know about this Heavenly Hash treat is this: Do they really expect it not to break or be smushed? Basically it’s made of one of the softest materials in the candy spectrum of stuff marshmallow with chocolate on the outside. To get one in perfect condition you pretty much have to build a strong box for each one or take it right off the line.

The marshmallow itself isn’t that bad, this says a lot because more often than not when I bite into a marshmallow treat I’m disappointed. The chocolate’s not that bad either, good choice going with the dark chocolate because it really has a nice strong flavour. The almonds on the other hand are pretty much a total disaster.

In the entire treat I found two almonds. Now I know they’re an expensive nut and all, but only two is very disappointing. The two that I found where well dispersed and also the best bites that I had. Basically if they added more nuts and somehow engineered better packaging this treat might rate as one of my favourite marshmallow snacks ever. However instead it’s pretty much a sticky mess with few almonds.