Hi Sour “Super Sour Mango”


Just by looking at the package one might assume that you’re in for the sour experience of your life. The word “sour” even appears in the name of this candy twice. Each candy is also packaged individually which implies they’re so sour that they have to be double bagged. I actually waited to the right moment to do this review, or some might even call it stalling. It’s not that I don’t like sour candy, it’s the anticipation of eating something really sour that makes me nervous. So I was ready for a really sour treat, and you can’t blame me because the package was really setting me up.

It was a bit of a challenge getting the candy out of the small package that they’re each wrapped in. The coating on the candy is kind of sticky. When I did release the candy I almost licked some of the stickiness off my fingers, but I thought twice before I did. I popped the candy in my mouth and I was instantly hit with a strong sour flavour. It wasn’t so intense that I felt the need to spit it out, but it was noticeable. I was bracing for this candy to intensify but it didn’t. It hung on to it’s sourness for about five seconds and then it immediately started to get sweet. I’ll be honest, the package greatly overhyped the sourness. It started off in a great place, but didn’t take me anywhere else afterwards.

After the few seconds of sour you’re left with a fairly average mango hard candy. It’s nice to have a mango candy as they’re fairly rare in the candy world, but this one wasn’t particularly fantastic. By the time I finished the candy the memory of anything sour was gone, and the mango flavour just left me wanting to eat a real mango. These mango candies left me disappointed both in the sour department and in the mango department.