Hires Root Beer Pop


A soda flavored lollipop is not really that original an idea. In fact, it's a fairly overused idea you can pretty much find in any candy store anywhere in the world. So many lollipop companies use soda pop flavors, and in particular root beer is very popular in the US and Canada. So right off the bat this isn’t that original an idea.

The advantage with the Hires Root Beer lollipop is the fact that Hires is a company is known for its root beer. You would expect them to know what root beer is supposed to taste like and they do a pretty good job with this lollipop, so the flavor is pretty good. The texture and quality of the candy is okay and it seems to give off an interesting fizz feeling, this keeping it very authentic.

All in all. it's not too bad, and the flavor is powerful and the texture gives you a nice little fizz. If only they could find a way to make it cool as well, since Hires root beer tastes so much better when it’s cold.

Suck Time: 17:25