Honey Lozenges


As far as lozenges go, I'd be lying if I told you that these were the best-flavoured I've ever had. They're not horrible, but they don't have any fun minty, cherry, or orange flavour. The main ingredient in these is honey, and honey is a very delicate flavour. If you mix honey with a flavour that's too powerful, the honey flavour goes away and simply acts as a sweetener. In this case the menthol and eucalyptus take over the honey flavour instantly and that's pretty much the only flavour you're left with. Sure, the honey cuts the strong medicine flavour of these two ingredients down a lot, but the delicate honey flavour is truly lost.

I don't want to say that I hated these; in fact, I liked them a lot as a fix for a cold. I've actually written this review while getting over a cold, so the relief that these offered is fantastic. While they don't taste as good as some of the other Honibe products, as a lozenge they work really well. The honey coats the throat and the menthol clears the sinuses. And while this isn't the best-flavoured lozenge I've ever eaten, considering how well the honey coats my throat, the menthol clears my sinuses, and the fact that it's a "natural" product, it's pretty effective.

I think describing these as "tasty" would be a lie, but “effective” is the perfect description. I've had better tasting lozenges, and I've had lozenges that work better, but this one meets in the middle. It's effective enough to help my scratchy throat, but tasty enough that I don't have a need to spit it out.

Suck Time: About 10 minutes