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There’s no denying that these cakes look very pretty. The pink colour is vibrant and the coconut adds an interesting texture. Upon opening them I was a little shocked with the texture. Then I read the package and the second word in the description is marshmallow. So that explains the odd bouncy texture of this cake (?). I didn’t read beyond the word “marshmallow” on the package since it answered my question about the strange bouncy texture of this cake, but maybe I should have. This is truly a cake treat, but there’s so much more going on that it kind of boggles the mind. I’m not really sure who or how this cake came to be, but I both love and hate it at the same time. Maybe hate is too strong a word, but there are elements of this cake that are things that I often don’t enjoy that much in treats, mainly coconut and marshmallows. Having said that I am trying to build up a taste for these two very popular treats, and I’ve even found myself starting to enjoy a few of marshmallow and coconut treats now a days.

The coconut certainly fell into the amount and flavour that I don’t mind. It’s a pretty light sprinkling of coconut on the outside of these cakes, and all it really adds is an interesting look and a light texture. There’s no problem with having a sickly sweet coconut flavour with this cake. The marshmallow on the other hand is pretty dominant, in fact I would say that the marshmallow is a little too dominant. Because of the word marshmallow written on the package, and the fact that the cake feels like it’s completely made of marshmallow, I was expecting more. I’m thankful that I was wrong, as after you bite into this treat you’re actually served up mostly chocolate cake, with a layer of marshmallow on the outside. Inside the chocolate cake is a white filling, which I feared was more marshmallow, but turned out to be some kind of cream icing. On paper this seems like it might work, and it might even balance out the marshmallow for those of us who aren’t huge fans. The problem is that the marshmallow is just way too thick and overpowering.

Or maybe it’s that the cake and icing are just too weak. I feel like a slightly thinner layer of marshmallow may help, but a slightly denser and stronger flavoured chocolate cake would have done even better. It also would help if there was a bit more icing in the middle. The icing felt like it was there for visuals as opposed to contributing any flavour or texture. The cake was almost as fluffy as the marshmallow, but not as sticky. After a few bites I still felt like I was eating a marshmallow treat that just happened to have a little bit of cake. There was so much going on, but nothing really balanced together. Instead the marshmallow just dominated everything, and even the coconut was more dominant than the icing.

On paper this cake treat should work, but there’s something wrong with the balance of ingredients. I didn’t really taste chocolate or vanilla, just coconut and a lot of marshmallow. Having said all of this, I would actually recommend you give these a try because they’re just so weird. I don’t normally think of marshmallows and coconut acting as icing, but here it is. Everything that’s weird about this cake is actually very good. I just feel like everything that isn’t weird about this cake (the cake itself) could have been much better.