November 2022







Hot Tamales "Fierce Cinnamon"

Just Born

I feel like the reason I’m okay with this candy is the same reason that other people will be disappointed with it. The thing that’s all over the package both graphically and in words is the notion that these will be very spicy. This very thing is the reason it’s taken me so long to review these. I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods, and the idea of burning my mouth off on a chewy cinnamon candy does not make me feel good. This is what was going through my head when I avoided reviewing these, as well as seconds before I ate the first one. Then, after a few chews, I realized that these aren’t really that spicy at all. I was relieved, but I could really see how some people might be disappointed. If you wanted spicy, burn your mouth off heat you will not be happy at all.

It’s not that they’re not spicy at all, it’s just a very weak spice and it doesn’t last that long. The cinnamon flavour is actually more intense than the actually spicy flavour. Again, this is a good thing in my mind, but others might be disappointed. I can at this point easily eat a small handful of these without burning my mouth off and I actually enjoy the flavour of the cinnamon.

Texture wise I’m actually a really big fan. They’re similar to Mike and Ike’s candies, which are in turn similar to jelly beans. The big difference is the shape of these. Jelly beans are bean shaped where these, similar to Mike and Ike’s are tube shaped. I feel like this gives them a nice ratio of jelly to candy shell. The jelly is also a good consistency so your jaw isn’t too sore after a few handfuls. This entire box might make your jaw a little tender, but a half to a third you should be okay.

I completely know why I was afraid of these before, but after having eating a few I’m pretty comfortable in eating these again. I don’t know if I’d ever seek them out, but as an occasional treat they’re not that bad.