Hot Tamales "Cinnamon Flavoured Jelly Beans"

Just Born

There’s been a long trend in the candy world that for the life of me I just can't understand. The trend is the idea that cinnamon has to be hot. For many years there have been cinnamon treats that for no particular reason are really hot. Worst of all there seems to be some kind of competition in the candy world to out do other hot cinnamon treat. This leads us to more and more spicy treats that get so spicy that for the most part you're not enjoying the flavour as much as you're chugging back gallons of milk to try and sooth the pain.

These Jellybeans aren't that extreme, but they do sting the tong a little. Sure, you can call me a wimp, but hot food burns my mouth and I often find this to be uncomfortable. In fact, I'm not really sure why people enjoy this sensation. Some have told me that they get used to the hot sensation and enjoy the flavour that hot food has to offer. Well I'm trying (not well I might add) to acclimatize my mouth to hot foods, and maybe some day I'll be able to get by it and enjoy these jellybeans without wondering why people eat hot foods.

The cinnamon in these isn't that bad a cinnamon flavour, and they're texture is nice for jellybeans. So, if you're into hot food then maybe you might get a kick out of these, however you also have to like cinnamon as well. Does nobody find that strange?