Hubba Bubba Sweet Roll


The strange thing about gums like these is that they're really sweet. It’s the kind of sweet where you feel it in your teeth. It’s the kind of sweet that makes your mouth water, but not for more gum, it waters because there’s just so much sweet going on. It seems like the idea of this “Sweet Roll” is to take your average sweet bubble gum and make it a little sweeter. My first thought was that I was getting two types of gum rolled together. What I got instead was gum wrapped around some kind of ultra chewy sugary filling. I’m pretty sure that this filling isn’t gum since this stuff doesn't seem to last; it just kind of dissolves in your mouth.

My other thought was that this sweet roll might look cool when I took it out of the package. I even got my camera just in case it looked really cool. What I got instead was a log of gum that frankly grossed me out a little. Once I bit into it, the center started to look a little better, but at the ends it was just odd looking. My other complaint about all these over-sugary gums is when they run out of taste, which is in no time at all, the texture gets really rubbery and my jaw starts to hurt like crazy.

This novelty is different, sure, but I don't really get it.