Have you ever wondered why some people say that the Spanish people are sexier than others? Maybe, just maybe, it’s the kind of treats they eat. After all, when one wants to show their love to another, a box of chocolates or a sweet treat can do the trick. So, to find out if Spanish treats are really sexier, I’ve decided to review this Spanish (from Spain) chocolate bar.

The first bit of good news comes from the package, it says Cadbury. That means (particularly in Europe) that the chocolate should be a good quality. Other than the nice Cadbury chocolate, this treat pretty much gets a “meh” from me. It’s not that it’s a bad treat by any stretch of the imagination, in fact the small amount of chocolate found in this bar is very nice. The wafer isn’t bad either, it adds a fine texture to this bar. It’s just on the whole, this bar is nothing mind blowing.

I think the lack of “mind blowing” comes from the design of the bar. It’s a thin amount of chocolate covering wafers, that’s all. It pretty much describes a boring chocolate bar to a T. The only difference here, is that most often boring chocolate bars are also made with cheap ingredients, this is not the case with Huesitos. It’s a fine quality bar that will put you to sleep.

So, I guess the Spanish passion is focused on their love life, and not put into their candy at all. At least that’s what I can tell from this particular chocolate bar.