P - North America - Lollipop

Pop Zoial (Marvel Super Heroes) "Incredible Hulk"


Taste: 4

Texture: 3

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

Tropical Punch is a great flavor in so many types of candy. Although for the life of me, I really don't know what fruity combination it's suppose to represent. This treat was no exception. The tropical taste was great, it had that perfect candy flavor. The problem with this treat had to be the novelty. Although the "little Hulk" was cool and hey who wouldn't want to suck on the Hulk, the problem came at first with the drool factor. The shape of the stick made me drool sticky lollipop drool all over the stick. The other problem came near the end, when you get down to the Hulk bust, I found it really odd and difficult to get all the candy out of the nooks and crannies of his massive bulk. Fun but a little bit sloppy, and definitely taste. It also lasted a long time, not a bad treat at all.

Suck Time : 53:23