Ice Cubes White "Mango Kiwi Cooler"

Ice Breakers

What the clever people at Ice Breakers are trying to do is combine the shape of ice cubes with the fun of a cool gum. It’s kind of clever even though the cubes have an orange stripe and bunch of little green dots in them. If I got an ice cube that looked like these cubes of gum, I’d probably insist on a new drink and I’d probably ask for the replacement with no ice. I also figure that it’s probably not a good idea to throw these into a drink either. I’m sure if wouldn’t do that much harm to either the gum or my drink, but it’s not going to make your drink any colder, and warm root beer is gross.

As far as the gum's flavour, it doesn’t taste much like kiwi and mango at all. Unless mango and kiwi together happen to taste a lot like a honey dew melon. Also, the “cooler” part of this gum really doesn’t do the fruit flavour any justice at all. I have yet to see any fruit/mint mix that works well, and I’m starting to think that these two flavour categories just can't be mixed.

The texture and size of the cubes did work, although it got really rubbery fast. It’s a different idea for sugarless gum, but I think it still needs a bit of work.

Chew Time: 12 Minutes