Moritz Original Icy Squares


There's really no way to know how to eat a Moritz Original Icy Square. When I decided to review these squares, I had a faint memory of reading or hearing somewhere that it was suggested that one chills these chocolate squares before eating them. This is pretty interesting considering most chocolate experts would say that putting chocolate in a chilled environment is the worst thing you can do. I wasn't sure about this, but fortunately I had a few squares to spare, and I put one in the refrigerator, one in the freezer, and I had a few just sitting out. I let them each sit in the fridge and freezer for a few days, to make sure they got good and cold. I took them out, and right after unwrapping them I discovered something amazing. Each chocolate square was a slightly different hue of brown.

The frozen square was the darkest and the one that was left out was the lightest. This was a good thing since I was worried, I may not have been able to tell them apart after I had unwrapped them. As it turns out, that wouldn't have been a problem because the texture of each of these squares was also vastly different. The frozen square was like a rock, and really took some jaw power to get a bite through. The one that was sitting out was so soft that it felt like it was going to melt into liquid in my fingers. The refrigerator square was a really nice balance between the two.

Taste wise they were all fairly similar. The only difference I could really tell was that the colder the Icy Square got, the longer it took for the smooth chocolate flavour to really fill my mouth. Flavour wise the chocolate is okay, but it does seem unnaturally creamy. I'm not sure how these are made, but they have no snap to them at all, and the flavour is very milky. I can't say that I hate them, but I don't think they're an amazing chocolate either.

These chocolates are fairly unique in that they really do work well when chilled. How cold you want them depends on how much of a challenge you're looking for. The flavour isn't spectacular, but it's good enough.