Ion Milk Chocolate


Once again, I'm faced with the difficult task of writing a review for a bar that's really not that interesting, but not that bad. In simple terms this is a nice smooth milk chocolate bar, and simple terms are the only way to describe it. There's nothing wrong with it at all, the quality is fine, and it tastes great, there's just nothing else remarkable about it at all. This is just a simple bar of tasty milk chocolate.

As with most Greek chocolate bars the milk chocolate is creamy, with less cocoa/chocolate than some other British or North American chocolate bars. In Greece if you're looking for a really strong cocoa flavour, you're better off going with dark chocolate. This bar, as is the same with many other Greek chocolate bars, is super creamy and very smooth. In my opinion this Ion bar is actually very nice, but some of you might want a little more cocoa/chocolate flavour.

This is a great example of Greek milk chocolate, it's a perfect snack to enjoy after a stick of souvlaki on a warm spring day. It's nothing particularly special or different, but pleasant nonetheless. These are always the hardest reviews to write, but easy enough to score. The taste and texture get a medium to high score, but the novelty suffers. I feel bad about lowering the novelty because it's not like I didn't enjoy this bar, it's just not different or creative.