Galaktos With Almonds


Chocolate with almonds isn't really a revolutionary thing in the candy world; in fact, it's one of the most common nut and chocolate combinations that there is. So how can a chocolate bar company improve on this idea? Why not ad full almonds? While this isn't a completely original idea, it isn't very common in the chocolate bar world. Most of the time you get chucks of almond, and the size of the nut in your bar can actually change the entire chocolate experience.

For example, the crunch of an almond is completely different if it's a piece of almond or if it's a full almond. I find full almonds have a really unique crunch that's a lot more satisfying than biting into a piece of almond. The flavour can be a little different as well; a whole almond gives you a burst of intense almond flavour, where small pieces of almonds give you a more consistent but less intense almond flavour. I guess I couldn't objectively say that this bar is really better than most almond bars because of the whole almonds, but it's a very different experience, and not as common.

The only flaw I found with this bar was the way the squares were divided. The squares on a bar are designed to help you break it apart. Unfortunately, with this bar the squares are really small, and don't correspond with the almonds at all. This means if you try to break the bar using the squares, you'll just fail completely. This really isn't a huge problem, but it does make this bar a little harder to share. The small squares also make it so you're not guaranteed an almond on every bite.

With a smooth creamy chocolate, and tasty full almonds, this bar is a fun way to enjoy a classic chocolate bar experience.