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Ion Milk Chocolate with Almonds


Taste: 4

Texture: 1.5

Novelty: 1.5

All scores out of 5

I've changed my mind about how I feel about the Iron Milk Chocolate with Almonds. I've tried this bar in the past and I was fairly happy with what I was getting. I wasn't really looking at the bar with any kind of detail; I was just looking for a chocolate fix. Now I'm eating it with the critic’s eye and frankly it's not really living up to my fond memory.

The quality of the ingredients are not the issue. The chocolate is smooth, and much like many of the milk chocolates in Greece very creamy. The nuts are fresh, crunchy, and very tasty. The problem with this bar is not the quality of the ingredients, but how these ingredients are presented.

The biggest problem I found was that the nuts seem to have sunk to the bottom of the bar. I'm not sure if this is a design or a flaw or a production flaw, but it made each bite very unbalanced. The nut bits are also varied in size, too much so. The large pieces are OK, but some of the smaller pieces are more of an almond powder than almond bits.

While the quality of this bar is fine, the attention to detail, particularly with the nut distribution is weak. It's fine for a chocolate fix, but not great for the connoisseur.