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Ivory Mountain


Taste: 4

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

The name of this bar has to be the biggest problem. When I read Ivory Mountain I thought chunky and white, but it really isn't. That's not to say it's bad at all, in fact it's pretty good. High quality Cadbury chocolate, some of the best in the candy world, with an interesting random crunch. The crunch comes from macadamia nuts mixed lightly in the chocolate. It gives it such an interesting crunch because you never know when or how many nuts are in each bite. The part I really couldn't understand had to be the white chocolate mixed in. I really couldn't taste it at all, the milk chocolate really covers it up completely. I figure it's more of a selling point than taste idea. It might have worked better if they swirled the white chocolate in little bits.