Chocolate filled bar, that's how it's described on the package. It seems like it should be very simple. Although it also raises a few questions. If the bar is made of chocolate, and it is filled with chocolate, then wouldn’t it just be a solid chocolate bar? This strange package description implies that the chocolate on the outside is different than the chocolate on the inside. This is a strange puzzle indeed. I doubt that the center is filled with a darker or even a white chocolate. I assume that it’s some kind of chocolate filling.

Even after taking a bite, I’m still not sure what it's filled with. Like many European chocolate bars, the chocolate has a nutty almost fruity taste. This is something I’ve tasted before, but in this case, it seems almost a little boozy as well. The centre is filled with some kind of off-white cream or filling of some kind, but I can't tell if that's what's giving off this strange boozy flavour.

So, do I like it? Well I'm not sure, it's different for sure, so that's a plus. The flavour is pretty powerful, maybe even a little too powerful. I have enjoyed trying this Jacek bar but I wouldn't get it again, the first experience was enough. Even after eating this bar, I still don’t really understand it.